7 Quick Facts About Sweat (Must Read)

No matter where it comes from, exercising or sitting too long in the hot sun or stay in hot place. Fact We all Sweat, But what do we know about this dreaded liquid which we assume causes body odour and is quite unattractive.
Well here is a roundup of seven things you might not know about sweating.


1. Sweat is odourless

Okay you must be comparing this with most situations you have come across. But When the salty sweat is secreted by your sweat glands all around your body, it is simply odourless. So tend to compliment sweating with body?,  Well according to Researches body odour is only caused when bacteria on the surface of yur skin breaks down the constituents of diaphoresis (perspiration)


2. You can sweat a lot 

Like seriously. During Exercises or any high energy demanding activity. with at least 1.6 to 4 million sweat glands all over your body, we can perspire (i.e the process of sweating) up to one litre of sweat a day. That is sure a lot than you thought, right?

3. More Sweat is Produced from the Feet and not the armpit or anywhere

The most places to notice that you are sweating are mostly the underarms, the forehead and neck. But the fact is that your feet produces much more sweat than any body part. A pair of the human feet has up to 250,000 sweat glands, secreting a half pint of liquid everyday. since our feet are covered most times of the day we don't notice we are actually down there. Now you have a clue if you have a smelly-feet problem.

4. Love at first smell really does exist.

Well we know only of love at first sight, but there is also a love at first smell.
While smell is actually a normal attraction, you can't stand something who reeks with body odour. But Research as shown that the more attracted we are to a person's smell the more closer and genetically compatible the person is with us. So try to improve you natural smell than using a bunch of perfume on a date night.

5. Red Sweat?

Ever heard of Red Sweat? well its not a disorder that is when it is produced by Hippos, their sweat acts as an antibiotic and a natural sunscreen. But if you are not a Hippo and you produce red sweat then you may be suffering from a rare condition known as hermatohidrosis, which is you are actually sweating blood.

6. Healthy Sweat and Unhealthy Sweat

There is got to be a difference between the sweat smell of a healthy person and an unhealthy one. Well there is. The body releases variable compounds based on the body's metabolic condition. This can change due to disease or infection.

7. Overweight People Sweat More

Sweating affect everyone regardless of activity, weight or size. However Overweight People tend to sweat a lot more than others. This is because the body workload is doubled to keep the body cool. Thereby producing more sweat.

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