Why you should probably not shave your pubic Hair completely (Women Health)

We all know for certain that women are clean freaks, their scent and looks are certainly a part of what attracts us to them. So its not different that a clean and well shaved reproductive area can keep us guys in  a relationship. Most women (even men) prefer that the area to be shaved and cleanr, so shaving pubic or vaginal hair has become a common practice today.
Well there must be a reason why you have pubic hair. So probably it isn’t a great idea to shave it off for purely aesthetic reasons.


Is Saving you Pubic Hair Harmful?

There aren’t any documented researches that can point whether shaving pubic hair is good for you.
Since a clean pubic region is one of the factors of attraction to a partner.

With references to researches by scientists here are what we are able to gather.

Here's is the downside to it. There are sweat glands present in the pubic region which secrete pheromones  to stimulate yours and your partner’s desires. Then the hair present in the region primarily locks the odour and that’s why every woman has a unique and special odour that attracts her man. The presence of Lack of hair in that region would mean less pleasure and same as satisfaction as it fails to stimulate your sense of smell. And, stimulating your five senses during sex maximizes pleasure. Leading to an unhealthy intimate life

Also, less pubic hair can make you susceptible to various kinds of infections whether bacterial, viral or fungal. In fact, it acts as a blockage to some infections like warts. Also when you shave your pubic hair, it  will leave behind microscopic open wounds and wounds which we cause unintentionally during shaving which may lead to bacterial infection, scarring due to irritation and itching.

If you want to keep your pubic area shaved, there isn’t any harm in it. You can Keep the area clean with water or other natural vaginal washes. Avoid using scented douches and vaginal washes that can make you dry over there.

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