How to improve your sitting sleeping and standing posture

Our body posture is something that we should all be concerned about. The sad news is that very few of us are concerned about this, how we sit, sleep and stand. But this is important as how you stand can attract people to you and keep you strong and  healthy.

Learning how to improve your posture consists of knowing how to do it, and continuously sticking to it.

Good Posture starts with three activities we do every day: sitting, standing and sleeping.

Wrong and Right Siting Postures 

Sitting Posture

This is very important as it can prevent backpain that is if you are used to sitting with a bending back. A high, firm chair with a high back. Make sure to sit with your hips as far back against the back of the chair as possible, and make sure your knees are at your hip level (or still a little lower).

If your back is not being supported by the back of the chair, or you seem to find it difficult to continuously stay against the back of the chair, then you can try placing a pillow or a towel to give support to your lower back.
If you are the type that sits at you desk all day long, at work or playing games, make sure that your workstation is a good height that is at the height of your elbows.

Keep your shoulders straight (i.e parallel to your hips) and avoid leaning forward — remember: Your back should be completely supported at all times.

If you notice that you continuously lean forward to see your computer monitor, then tilt the computer monitor upward so that you won't be forced to look down.

When driving, make sure you sit straight, keep your hips as far back against the back of your chair. You should definitely be able to hold the steering wheel with your elbows slightly bent.

Don;t seat for too long period of time, get up and walk around every so often.

Right Sleeping Posture 
Sleeping Posture
Always sleep on a firm mattress. Don't sleep on your stomach. If you do, place a pillow under your waist.

Sleep on your back or side. If on your back, then you can place a small pillow under your knees; and if on your side, then its good if you place a small pillow between your knees, as it will help keep your back straight.

Use a pillow for your head so that it will be aligned at the same level with your whole body.

Wrong and Right Standing Posture 

Standing Posture

Stand up and look in a mirror. This will help you to know what's keeping you from standing straight. Is your head down? Is your back bent? Are your shoulders slouched forward?  Try and Straighten out whatever is slouching and observe the difference.

Your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should make one straight line. Relax your shoulders, then slightly bend your knees you don't want to look like a robot. If will be standing for a long time, make sure to continue shifting your weight every so often.

Whenever you bend down to pick up something, bend your hips and knees; instead of bending down completely to grab the object with your waist.
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