Build a Long Lasting Relationship with this 9 Tips

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True Long lasting love is very hard to come across, sometimes it is seemingly impossible. But with the right steps your relationship can work.

Here are 9 Tips to build a long lasting relationship

1. Take your partner's breath away.

Leave him/her speechless. Do something amazingly thoughtful and out of the ordinary and with a little element of surprise every now and then: a loving note tucked into a pocket.
A special dinner on an otherwise ordinary night. A playlist made up with his favorite songs. These thoughtful acts will embed you in his memory.

2. Embrace flaws

This is a fundamental one. Once you’re in a relationship, remember the old adage "nobody’s perfect". When you fall in love with someone your initial attraction can stop you from noticing your new partner's flaws, or at least override them. But as things start going forward, you learn much more about each other - both the good and the bad.

To get through this stage, you need to be understanding and caring. For your partner to be willing to open up and show the real them is a huge part of showing their trust in you, so be kind and gracious.

3. Do something edgy.

Getting you partner's heart rate up is definitely a good thing, as he may associate good feelings of excitement and joy with you thereby developing more powerful feelings for you. Taking a balloon trip, shooting the rapids—anything with a touch of danger to it—can make him fall more deeply in love with you.

4. Always be yourself

Being true to yourself is crucial to making a relationship last. "Be honest with yourself, about what you want out of life, and out of your relationship. "So don’t withhold or evade from your view – be it about having kids or moving out. You shouldn't just tell him all these at once, but be mindful to tell the truth when asked and do your best to be upfront."

5. Do something great for someone your partner loves.

Show kindness and love for someone he loves, you will earn more love from him. When you are in a relationship, you also enter a relationship with all his family and friends. Show him that you care for these people, that they are as important to you as they are to him.

6. Balance

You don’t have to lower your standards, but if you can only give your partner a two-hour window on a Wednesday night, you aren't actually sending out the right signals. You can share quality time and show that you care by going on date nights, which is important in keeping a relationship. But don't go too far the other way. You need to make room for your partner in your life but not at the expense of everything else – friends are crucial too and a good way to balance your personal life.

7. Communication is key

Don’t be afraid to let your guard down, if you’re hiding your feelings, don’t expect your other half to be a mind reader." It's a two-way street, so listening is also vital.

8. Improve your private life

Bet this explains itself.

9. Don't rush

Enjoy what you have and don't constantly worry about what the other is thinking. Relationship are made of up several stages, and the third stage involves questioning your relationship. As you look to make someone a part of your life long-term, you may question whether the relationship (rather than the person) is right for you. Going slow diminishes the risk of that.

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