5 reasons why you are not losing weight

Understanding Wieght Loss and Gain

Found out you are not losing weight, no matter how much you control your diet? Well there may be something you are actually doing wrong.

So here are the 5 possible reasons why you seem not be losing weight

1. Inadequate sleep

Lack of rest and  sleep may just be what is hindering your weight-loss goals. It slows your metabolism and affects your hunger hormones.

Your hunger hormones tells your brain to stop eating, and also stimulates hunger. Research suggests sleep deprivation is associated with low levels of leptin which tells your brain to stop eating, high levels of ghrelin which stimulates leading to more eating and weight gain.

What should you do:
Concentrate on good sleep hygiene: get to bed early, make sure your bedroom is cool and dark and avoid drugs, and cigarettes, alcohol and sleeping pills.

2 You’re getting older.

Sluggish metabolism is related to aging problem. According to ACE we burn fewer calories after age 20

And things we do like: watching movies, sitting in traffic,  long hours at the office and in front of computers etc can make it worse

This kind of inactivity makes us lose muscle and increase body fat. But it’s not unbeatable.

What to You do:

Have a good diet plan and do lots of exercises

3.You're eating hidden sugars

These sugars are everywhere. The most common ones being breakfast cereals, muesli bars,  sports drinks, spreads and sauces.

Added sugars are damaging to your weight and overall health, and also contributing to health conditions including dental decay,  heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

What should you do:

Avoid foods and snacks c

ontaining these sugars, read the labels of products to understand what it contains before consuming.

4 You sit down too much

Sitting in traffic, or in the office, Watching Movies. In reality we are meant to move.

Research suggests those who are physically active burn hundreds of extra calories throughout the day. Also even fidgeting like crossing or uncrossing the legs,  standing up, stretching, often or even maintaining a good posture. can help you burn calories and lose weight.

5 You're not eating enough good fats

Change your negative view on fats and include a little amount of "good" fats in each of your meals. The essential fatty acids in oily fish, nuts and seeds will heap you break fats down as they will also make you feel full.

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